Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Fultondale Gas Board located?
Our offices are conveniently located inside Fultondale City Hall at 1210 Walker Chapel Road in Fultondale, Alabama.

Where do I mail my payment?
Please mail your payment to P. O. Box 849, Fultondale, AL 35068.

How do I contact Fultondale Gas Board?
Our Customer Service Representatives are available to assist you Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. You may reach a representative by calling (205) 841-6456.

What are my payment options?
  • Pay online at
  • Automatic bank draft
  • Credit/debit card payments using Visa and MasterCard
  • By mail
  • In person
  • Drop box located in front of Fultondale City Hall at 1210 Walker Chapel Road
  • Drive-thru payment tube in front of Fultondale City Hall at 1210 Walker Chapel Road

How can I find out what my account balance is?

Do you offer a budget plan?
At this time we do not offer budget billing. However, it may be helpful to increase your payment amount during the spring and summer months to create a credit. This accumulated credit will help during the peak winter months.

How do I start or stop gas service?
Apply for Service

How do I know if I have a leak?
Natural gas has no odor. To help you detect the presence of gas, a strong odorant that smells like rotten eggs is added. We urge you to call us the first time you smell a natural gas odor.
  If you smell this odor:
  • Do not use matches, lighters, electrical switches or appliances.
  • Call Fultondale Gas Board immediately by dialing (205) 841-6456.
Our personnel will be happy to assist you. This service is provided at no charge, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Why is my bill so high this month?
Higher than "normal" bills occur for various reasons, but are mainly related to outside temperatures. Highest gas usage occurs during December, January, and February. Consider the following factors which may contribute to increased consumption:
  • Changes in weather conditions
    Most thermostats can be lowered only to 50 degrees. If the temperature should drop below 50 in the house, the furnace will come on in order to maintain that temperature. The colder the outside temperature, the longer the furnace will run to maintain this temperature inside the home regardless of whether anyone is home.
  • Unnecessarily high temperature settings on gas hot water heaters
    Hot water heaters, like furnaces, are controlled by thermostats which operate around the clock to maintain the temperature setting for your hot water. Their common locations in garages or basements make them more vulnerable to outside temperatures. Consider lowering the temperature setting on your thermostat or changing to the "vacation" setting if the home will be vacant for an extended period of time.
  • Poor insulation
  • Clogged filters
  • New or additional appliances
  • Faulty gas appliances or thermostats
  • High ceilings
  • Damper left open on a fireplace
  • Changes in normal living habits due to illness or increase in family size
  • Leaks in your hot water system or a dripping faucet
  • Increased usage during a holiday or special occasion
  • Previous low incorrect reading
  • Incorrect reading

Will my bill be lower if occupants are away from home a large percentage of the time?
Not necessarily. The only factor that affects the amount of usage recorded by your gas meter is the setting on your thermostats and outside weather conditions. While lowering thermostats on furnaces and hot water heaters helps to lower your usage, the temperature inside the home will be maintained at the designated temperature regardless of whether anyone is home or not. The most effective way to minimize usage is to change the setting on the thermostat to the "off" position when no one is home. Keep in mind the possibility of frozen pipes if they are exposed during freezing weather.

Why is my bill higher than my neighbor's?
The main factors which determine amount of gas usage in a residential home are square footage, insulation, temperature settings inside the home, living habits, and number and age of occupants living in the home. Therefore, usage can vary widely making it impossible to compare one customer's usage or monthly bill to another.

Is there a charge for someone to come to my home to light my pilot lights?
There is a service charge of $30 for a technician to come out and light the pilot lights in your home. This charge can be applied to your next bill for your convenience.

What if I am having trouble paying my gas bills?
Call or visit our office for information regarding payment arrangements.Below is a list of potential resources that you may contact if you are having trouble paying your gas bill. Programs are available to help low-income households as well as customers experiencing temporary or unanticipated difficulties, such as unemployment or illness.American Red Cross
Birmingham Area Chapter
950 - 22nd Street, North
Birmingham, AL 35203
Phone: (205) 458-8287Jefferson County Committee for
Economic Opportunity - JCCEO
1823 Avenue F, Ensley
Birmingham, AL 35218
Phone: (205) 785-2920Salvation Army
2130 - 11th Avenue North
Birmingham, AL 35234
Phone: (205) 328-5656

Is my meter reading estimated?
No, your gas usage is read monthly. Fultondale Gas Board needs access to your meter in order to read it. The meters are property of the Fultondale Gas Board and must be accessible in order to get accurate readings. If you are making any changes on your property, i.e., adding a fence or deck, please contact us about relocating your meter to a more accessible location. Also, please keep your shrubs trimmed and dogs restrained when our meter reader visits.

How do I read my meter?
Instructions to read your meter.

If I need to dig in my yard, who do I call before I start?
CALL BEFORE YOU DIG! Beginning in May 2007, a new national "Call Before You Dig" number goes into effect. One easy phone call to 811 quickly begins the process of getting underground utility lines marked. Local One Call Center personnel will then notify affected utility companies who will send crews to mark underground lines at no charge. If you need this service before May 2007, please dial (205) 252-4444 for marking of underground utility lines. It's the law.

How do I convert to Natural Gas?
Please call us at (205) 841-6456 to find out details and costs for converting to natural gas. If you decide to convert your heating system or any appliance to natural gas, please let us know. This helps us plan ahead so we can deliver reliable service to all of our customers on even the coldest winter days.


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