Current Rates and Fees

For questions about current gas rates and fees, please contact the Gas Board at (205) 841-6456.

>Current Gas Rates


Home Rebates
The Fultondale Gas Board has a "Gas Advantage" home rebate program for builders, developers, and gas customers. Builders must have two or more gas appliances to qualify as a "Gas Advantage" home. Please feel free to contact us about any project or expenditure you have in mind to ensure that you qualify under the program.

Gas Appliance Rebates
(1 ) Gas Furnace $200.00
(2) Gas Furnaces $300.00
(1) Water Heater $150.00
(2) Water Heater $225.00
Commercial Grade Gas Range (Residential Use) $100.00
Standard Gas Range $50.00
Gas Cook Top $50.00
Gas Clothes Dryer $50.00
(1) Combo System (Hydro Heat) $50.00
(1) Combo System (Hydro Heat) $50.00
**Gas Logs $25.00








Fees for Gas Customers
Home Owners Deposit $25
Renters Deposit $75
Reconnect Fee $25
Reconnect Fee (after hours) $75
Off For Summer Reconnect Fee $50
Tap Fee
(Fee is waived if the developer or home builder has two or more gas appliances such as a hot water tank and stove.)
Pilot Light Fee $30
Broken Lock Fee $15
**Deposit fees increase when a customer is disconnected for nonpay on an account.**
















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